One Call Technology Case Study


One Call Technology came to Mayberry in a tough spot. They were locked in to a contract with an agency who provided nothing of value while keeping their client in the dark.

One Call's website was merely a shell, and provided nothing for them in terms of new business.


Mayberry designed and built a website focused on One Call's core service: business phone systems. Phone systems is their most profitable offering, but it's also a highly competitive space locally, led by Fortune 500 brands.

Mayberry optimized One Call's local search presence (Google Maps) and organic search listing results by creating a wealth of blog content, building strong landing pages, and acquiring customer reviews.

RESULTS went from completely off the map to the top of Googles first page for their top keywords. One Call has over a dozen Google reviews and none less than 5 stars.

Search traffic and total traffic increased ten fold, and the website is now the key source of new sales leads.