Mayberry Marketing – Franklin, TN


Mayberry Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency based in Franklin, Tennessee.


Get found, Get clicked, Get results.


To help businesses take full advantage of new media technologies to capitalize on every opportunity to succeed in the new small town economy.


In 2008, we saw the writing on the wall. We’d been using traditional marketing with our flagship product HOLD PLUS Message on Hold for 25+ years, but things were quickly changing.

Through social media and the advancement of the web, a new business communications platform was emerging. This platform relied on word-of-mouth, real-time digital interaction, and social sharing.

The old platform, which relied on advertising and “pushing” out a message through mass media, was being surpassed. As we began using social media and content marketing successfully with our own products, many of our clients began to inquire about the new marketing shift.

Most professionals we started working with fell into one of two general categories:

1) The gray-haired-business-person, with little knowledge of the emerging technologies and little patience to learn,
2) The young intern with a natural grasp on the technology, but little understanding of how to achieve real business success with it.

Out of a desire to see businesses thrive in the new media environment, we launched Social Media TRACTION in 2008. Since that time we’ve helped hundreds of businesses from a variety of industries reach, acquire, and retain customers using social media and content marketing.

We’ve referred to the social media landscape as “the new small town economy” since we began educating businesses eight years ago. In 2013, Social Media TRACTION became mayberry, as a reflection of the current digital marketplace – where trust is currency and buying decisions are made by the endorsements of friends and connections.

In the world of Mayberry, people need to know you, like you, and trust you, to do business with you. It’s the same in today’s market. Your web presence can facilitate this relationship or undermine it.


To succeed at digital marketing businesses need more than just the right tools. They need a strategy. Money and manpower are always in limited supply. Mayberry can help you develop a strategy to get the best of both.

Our seasoned team of marketing pros will assess your current status, understand and establish your goals, and set in place a plan to make your vision a reality. Big or small, your business will benefit from a partnership with a team that’s seen success across a host of industries.

Pick from our suite of services, or let us put together a comprehensive package based on your needs and your resources. Mayberry Marketing specializes in web design, search engine optimization, and digital content development – video production being at the forefront.