Social Security – How to Avoid Being Hacked


If you think you’ve been hacked, this may help you understand why. If you don’t want to be hacked, this my help understand how to avoid being hacked…


Online, it’s important to be safe, and to be sure that our systems and information are secure. In your social networking life, you want to mirror the actions you take in real life. Privacy settings can be put in place to prevent others from seeing your information unless you allow them to connect to you. Be sure you know who you are allowing.

Passwords allow you to access every area of your online world, including your website, Facebook, Twitter, and even your bank account. Change your passwords frequently, and use a different password for each site. If a hacker acquires a password for one account, and you use the same password for multiple accounts, the hacker will have access to each of those accounts. Avoid using passwords that represent something in your life, like your birthday or your address.

So how susceptible are your passwords to being hacked? An FBI agent in charge of the cyber crimes division in Tennessee says the answer may be right under your thumb. Certain thumb drives have programs pre-loaded to record every keystroke you make, and transmit that information to another site online.

The best way to avoid getting hacked is to change your passwords often, use different passwords for each site, do not click what you do not know, and do not share any personal data with anyone you don’t know.

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